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WhatNeXT App

The app that know the details of vintage technology. Currently specialised in NeXT Inc products, but watch this space, not only will it support more products in the first release it will be packed with features. Make sure to download it for free from the App Store today.

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What NeXT Computer Recycling

Buying, selling, and recycling unwanted and faulty technology. We work with businesses, schools and individuals when disposing of electronic assets. Specialists in environmentally responsibly electronics disposal.

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The Software Co.

Small team of talented graphic designers and developers making websites and applications for small businesses at a fraction of the price and time of our competitors – just ask for a quote. We design, code, deploy and manage. All sites are designed for easy self management.

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TRED Photography

Photography, videography, video editing and audio mixing. Anything from a wedding to Formula 1 we’ve filmed and photographed it. We operate on the Far North Coast of NSW and the South East of QLD.

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What to do when you can't work out how to start a vintage NeXTstation?

WhatNeXT Computers was foundered out of the issue I find myself in fair too often with vintage computer systems, not knowing enough about them.
I'm Trent Newton, a Software Developer major at Queensland University of Technology and I care about old computer systems. My interest developed in the loft of computer repair store I worked at as a teenager, fixing Apple products - in that very store I also met my first NeXT workstation.
My obsession of fixing computers met with a lack of experience with hardware and software of it's age turned into frustration. Information about Apple's products is everywhere but NeXT product information is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
So I made an app that goes into as much details I can find for all the products made by NeXT

Don't forget to download the WhatNeXT Computers App